Learn about the future of the internet in Milton Keynes

Superfast Broadband
Superfast Broadband

A showcase seminar will consider the next data revolution when Biztech and the University Campus Milton Keynes (UCMK) discuss ‘the Internet of Things’.

The Internet of Things includes high-profile developments such as the driverless cars to be increasingly seen in Milton Keynes. As well as being the driving force of the future of motoring, the Internet of Things is also set to revolutionise land use planning, agriculture and logistics.

Geoff, director of strategy at Milton Keynes Council, will give the headline talk to describe what is happening and about to happen with the Internet of Things in Milton Keynes. Attendees will be able to find out about the all new MK SMART project, which is leading the way in making MK a better place for people to live and work.

The event takes place at UCMK in central Milton Keynes on Thursday, February 5, from 5.30pm.

Tickets are £15 for members, £20 for non-members and free of charge for students.

For more information and ticket details visit http://goo.gl/fnXbny and follow Biztech on Twitter @MKBiztech.