‘Lord Sugar definitely is not our cup of tea...’

Lord Alan Sugar BBC/Talkback Thames.
Lord Alan Sugar BBC/Talkback Thames.

A MILTON Keynes company has found that most entrepreneurs wouldn’t want to work in partnership with The Apprentice boss Lord Sugar.

Your Business Your Future, based in Newport Road, Broughton, asked 1,100 ambitious owner managers whether they would have the straight-to-the-point multi-millionaire as a business partner.

Two hundred businesses responded to the survey, with a resounding 64 per cent of them saying – You’re Not Even Hired!

Some even compared him to Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin and Ghenghis Khan.

Gerard Burke, MD of Your Business Your Future, who ran the survey, explained that many entrepreneurs have the same need for control of their business as Lord Sugar has on the popular BBC show.

Mr Burke said: “Many owner managers and entrepreneurs have high needs for autonomy and control – that’s why they run their own businesses. So, they simply couldn’t work in an equal partnership with another person – especially someone like Lord Sugar, who they may fear has an even greater need for control than their own.”

One of the survey respondents said: “Can you imagine working with him? Mind you, did you know that his niece is the actress who plays Roxy Mitchell on EastEnders? When you hear her talking about her Uncle Alan you do get a very different impression of the man. Having said that, Hitler’s niece thought he was nice too.

“Much as I like him from a business entertainment perspective, I cannot see Sugar really subscribing to a ‘partner’ mentality.

“It would be rather like Putin and Medvedev, or Genghis Khan and his generals.”

Other respondents who would not work with Lord Sugar described him as ‘ruthless’, ‘self-promoting’, ‘bullish’, ‘abrasive’ and ‘treats [people in his businesses] like ‘doggy do-do’.’

There was no response from Lord Sugar before we went to press.