Milton Keynes firm moves into Queue-It-Yourself market

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Queue management specialists Tensator have introduced a range of products designed to cut the stress out of post office-style waiting.

The Multi-Service Machines (MSM) mark an extension of the products offered by the multinational firm based in Danbury Court, Linford Wood, which sells barriers and information systems to places like airports.

The MSMs are designed to enable customers to carry out simple, low cost, repetitive payment transactions like tickets, gift cards, stamps and meal vouchers in a range of sectors, including retail, postal, travel, utilities and telecoms.

Tensator believes by empowering customers to independently, efficiently and securely perform simple transactions themselves, MSMs help to reduce customer waiting times and eliminate stress. Cashiers or operators are freed up to focus on more demanding or time consuming activities.

Tensator general manager Kevin Hickson said: “Reducing costs is a top priority for most businesses at the moment and MSMs can help bring about cost savings. If we take their use by mobile phone retailers as an example, top-ups can be provided via an on-screen code, offering a dramatic saving when it comes to the printing and distribution costs associated with top-up or scratch cards. Batches of physical cards are also more susceptible to getting lost or stolen, so the MSM helps to improve risk control.

“MSMs have already produced tangible results for some of the world’s biggest brands and we certainly see them as becoming more commonplace across a variety of sectors as we move through 2013.”