Milton Keynes firms are buffering in silence over slow internet speeds - survey

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NEARLY all Milton Keynes companies surveyed say their business is affected by slow broadband.

A total of 118 new city firms responded to a survey carried out by Biztech Technology Forum and Milton Keynes Council.

A staggering 96 per cent say their performance is affected by their existing internet service.

But Biztech says firms don’t have to put up with slow broadband and are calling on companies to be made aware of ‘superfast’ services covering two-thirds of the borough.

Only 23 per cent of businesses were aware of superfast broadband provision.

Henry Kafeman, Biztech Technology Forum expert group lead analyst said: “Two thirds of the borough now has access to superfast broadband technology capable of speeds of up to 100 mbps, and yet take up amongst small and medium sized businesses is lagging behind and hence affecting their performance.

“Biztech is working with the council and other partners in the Milton Keynes Broadband Stakeholder Group to raise awareness of the availability of faster internet speeds amongst small and medium sized companies. However additional resources are needed to connect parts of the new city that cannot obtain the fastest speeds now available.”

The Milton Keynes broadband survey was carried out between June 2011 and February 2012.

Next month, Milton Keynes Council will discover whether it has won a share of a £530 million government fund to develop superfast broadband capacity in a wider area, including rural areas. Along with Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedford Borough Council, Milton Keynes Council submitted a joint bid to Broadband Delivery UK.

Biztech will present the broadband survey result giving a picture of internet demand in Milton Keynes at the NextGen roadshow event in Milton Keynes on of May 30, at stadium:mk. The event will be hosted by Milton Keynes Council and will feature speakers and topics related to next generation broadband and how local businesses can utilise the latest developments and services

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