New tech jobs coming to city

Business news. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150809-154659001
Business news. Photo: Shutterstock SUS-150809-154659001

A leading edge IT and telecommunications company will be creating up to 217 new jobs in the city centre.

Managed 24/7, in Technology House, Silbury Boulevard, has invested £1.5m in what it says is the first Predictive Management Centre, in the heart of Milton Keynes.

The centre’s role is to make sure up to one billion connected devices are kept going 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Data is the centre’s lifeblood, using monitoring technologies, business intelligence and analytics to – in the industry’s jargon – facilitate 100 per cent IT uptime.

The company’s Configuration and Distribution Centre is also based in MK and it, too, will see employment growth.

The Predictive Management Centre has the feeling of a space control centre, with more than 38 metres of 4K UHD projections systems on floor-to-ceiling screens.

It will enable Managed 24/7 to identify potential weaknesses within an IT network, and put in place remedial action in advance of them causing issues to network users.

According to technology researchers Gartner, 26 billion connected things can be expected by 2020, while the number of items connected to the Internet is estimated at between 50 and 100 billion –PCs, tablets and smartphones aside.

John Pepper, chief executive and founder of Managed 24/7, said: “The role of IT is changing; today’s requirement to support traditional core IT is fast evolving to one that is about managing millions of connected devices, from traditional IT systems through to life saving NHS equipment and factory production systems.

“As these stakes continue to rise, companies can not afford the risk of taking a traditional approach to IT service management; now, only 100 per cent IT uptime will do.”