Nightclub operator gets in tune with recycling targets

A nightclub operator is getting smarter with its recycling efforts by changing to adapting drinking habits.

The Luminar Group, which operates 53 nightclubs across the UK from its nerve centre in Deltic Avenue, Rooksley, Milton Keynes, has just announced ambitious plans to halve its landfill by 2014.

Luminar’s nightclubs were using general waste bins for disposing of all material. But now they’ve analysed how the company’s drinks sales have changed over the years and adapted accordingly.

The nightclubs attract 7 million customers every year and handle 3,000 tonnes of waste.

But energy drinks have become increasingly popular, which means there are more tins to recycle.

As a result, the company has introduced segregated waste bins so different materials can be recycled more effectively.

Phil Cooke, The Luminar Group’s head of procurement, said: “Since The Luminar Group was formed 18 months ago, we have made great strides in improving our recycling and we’re now on track to achieve our target of recycling 80 per cent of our waste this year. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that we recycle over 90 per cent of our waste by the end of 2014.

“Our success is not just about changing the way that we recycle our waste material; more importantly, it’s about changing attitudes to our impact on the environment.

“This is an ambitious target, but we’ve already made huge improvements and the message is starting to get through to our teams. Countrywide, our waste service provider, have been excellent at engaging with the individual venues to help with the changing behaviour and how we can operate differently.”

The company currently recycles 38 tonnes of cardboard, 68 of PET bottles, 408 mixed including metal and 1,778 tonnes of glass.