Satan visits Milton Keynes, goes to casino

The devil plays roulette in Milton Keynes
The devil plays roulette in Milton Keynes

The Prince of Darkness took time out of his busy schedule (leading good people into temptation, spreading suspicion and discord, buying Justin Bieber CDs) to visit Milton Keynes on Wednesday.

Satan, aka The Devil or He Who Walks Backwards, joined the customers at The Casino MK on April Fool’s Day.

The red rogue seemed to be having a Hell of a good time as visitors enjoyed the super casino’s ‘666’campaign, which offers the best roulette odds in the UK.

Throughout April, The Casino MK is giving you a chance to win a share of the ‘666 Jackpot’ if three consecutive sixes come up at your roulette table. The jackpot started at £666 on April 1, increasing by £6 every half an hour throughout April up to a maximum of £6,666.

There are also a host of freebies up for grabs whenever another treble hits the tables, including a ‘Red Devil’ cocktail on the house.

Luke Perkins, deputy general manager (of The Casino MK, not deputy general manager of hell), said: “Roulette is one of our most popular games, which is exactly why we’re offering the best roulette odds in the country throughout April.

“Our fallen angel will be back at the super casino throughout the Easter weekend, so don’t miss the chance to take a selfie with the devil and perhaps take home the ‘666’ Jackpot.”

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