Service survey

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A BROADBAND survey has been launched on social networking site LinkedIn by Biztech Technology Forum and Milton Keynes Council.

The Milton Keynes Broadband Survey has been launched to give businesses a chance to show a real demand for an infrastructure upgrade to superfast services.

This survey is intended for all premises in Milton Keynes and owners of more than one premise are being encouraged to submit a response for each one.

The survey asks businesses and individuals how they access the internet, who their service provider is and what the ‘up to’ download speed is claimed by the ISP.

The survey also asks for details of download and upload speeds, which can been checked online at and whether the service is reliable in providing a constant speed.

It is also collecting data about what the internet is used for and how many devices are connected.

Superfast Broadband or Next Generation Broadband can be defined as speeds of 25 Mbps and more. And the survey asks how much customers would be willing to pay.

Data Protection rules apply.