Shop offers printer ink amnesty in wake of Watchdog rant

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A Bletchley printer ink cartridge refill shop is making the most of publicity from an item on TV consumer show Watchdog.

The Rick’s Rant item on Wednesday’s (May 1) BBC One show highlighted the cost of printer ink cartridges and the issue of getting branded items refilled.

Makers of branded ink cartridges say increases in technology mean more pages can be printed with less ink and that refilling can damage computer printers.

But Cartridge World Milton Keynes, in Queensway, Bletchley, says consumers are paying more for printing ink per millilitre than the equivalent volume of vintage champagne or Chanel No.5. The volumne of ink in the sponges in cartridges hold less ink than they used to, they say.

Michael Cooper, franchisee of Cartridge World Milton Keynes says: “We welcomed the investigation conducted by Watchdog as we feel very passionately that the cost of branded printer ink cartridges has become unreasonable. This will help us raise awareness amongst consumers that there is a cheaper and equally viable alternative.”

The retailer has launched what it calls an “amnesty” on branded printer cartridges where customers can swap their empty branded original ink cartridges for a refilled Cartridge World cartridge and receive 50 per cent off the retail price.

Mr Cooper added: “Many feel they have no other option as the original manufacturer brands continue to peddle the myth that if you don’t use their expensive products the warranty will be void, the cartridge will not work properly or it will even damage the printer. This is simply not true.

“Many brands are making it increasingly difficult for reputable operations like us, to recycle their products. There is no reason for them to do this from a functionality perspective as a cartridge can be recycled as many as five times in its life.”

The amnesty will run until May 16.