Strikes threatened in schools and hospital

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News Focus

Schools and local government staff could go on strike again in September.

Earlier this month a number of schools in Milton Keynes either closed for the day or did not run classes for certain year groups while a one-day action took place.

Trade union UNISON is now set to hold a second day of strike action on Tuesday, September 30.

The strike centres around a pay dispute. The government is offering 90 per cent of local government and school support workers a one per cent increase, following three years of pay freezes and below-inflation rises in 2013 and 2014.

> Health staff in Milton Keynes are being balloted over proposed strike action.

Unison is to ballot 
members following the 
government’s decision to deny 60 per cent of NHS staff and 70 per cent of nurses a pay rise for the next two years, contrary to the NHS Pay Review Body’s recommendations.

The strike would cover health workers including nurses, therapists, porters, paramedics, medical 
secretaries, cooks, cleaners and healthcare assistants. A ‘Yes’ vote will lead to stoppages in early October, followed by further action over the 
autumn and winter.