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Director of Calverton Factors, Mark Byrne
Director of Calverton Factors, Mark Byrne
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A MILTON Keynes company that provides a different type of finance for small firms has announced record advances and profits.

Calverton Factors, based in Keller Close, Kiln Farm, has increased pre-tax profits by 51 per cent to £656,000, compared with last year.

Calverton provides invoice finance to small companies. It offers a business up to 90 per cent of the value of its invoices. Invoices to clients are up 21 per cent.

Calverton Factors director Mark Byrne pictured, said: “With credit being harder to find for SMEs, these numbers demonstrate that we still have the appetite to assist young and growing UK businesses. I believe that 2011-12 will be another year of growth for the company.”