Time to step on the accelerator!

Local Business Accelerators logo
Local Business Accelerators logo

BUSINESS Citizen is enthusiastically backing a national campaign to boost young and upcoming companies, writes editor David Tooley.

The Newspaper Society, backed by 500 titles across the country, has launched the Local Business Accelerators campaign.

We’re on the lookout for local businesses that are between one and three years old and could benefit from some free mentoring and a three-month free advertising campaign.

The process of getting a business entered is easy. There’s a special website at www.accelerateme.co.uk with all the information and an entry form.

But the entries must be in by November 14.

All the entries will then be judged by a panel of mentors, including the chairman of MK Business Leaders, Dr Philip Smith and expert Kim Hills Spedding, who has helped more than 3,500 firms to start up as chief executive of the Oxfordshire Enterprise Agency and another 1,000 with local chambers of commerce.

Mr Hills Spedding has recently published his book The Really Practical Guide To Starting Up Your Own Business.

The campaign has been backed by PM David Cameron and is spearheaded by Dragons Den star Deborah Meaden.

So don’t delay, get your entries in now.

The link to the Local Business Accelerators website is under the picture on this page