Tracey’s Fenny Stratford-based Backintime is looking into the future

Tracey Martin has had to overcome many setbacks in life to open her own business
Tracey Martin has had to overcome many setbacks in life to open her own business

New businesswoman Tracey Martin is putting her troubled past behind her and going Backintime – to the future.

Backintime is the name of Tracey’s business, which sells antique wedding dresses from an area she rents at Sellwells Antiques, in Victoria Road, Fenny Stratford.

She also rents out wedding dresses on behalf of OAPs to give them a bit more income and has sorted out a wedding budget plan for £5 a week.

“I just want people to know it does not matter how old you are,” said Tracey. “You can do anything, you have one life, you can change.”

She always wanted to have her own wedding business but a series of life and family crises have put obstacles in her way.

Tracey has had to overcome divorce, loss of her home and drinking problems. At the same time she had a son with special needs to look after and had to give up work. In 2003 her mother died.

Tracey said: “In 2009 things had changed and my husband and I where talking about getting back together. After a lovely weekend together my husband went to work, and then mid morning I got a call from his sister that my husband had a heart attack and died he was only 43.”

Her father died last year and she was in hospital for nearly a month with bowel disease and lost nearly half her body weight.

But that became the point at which she decided to turn her life around. She said; “Being in hospital made me realise this has to be the lowest I’ve ever been, something happened to me. I was frightened I had no parents now and no husband and I was frightened of dying, I came out of hospital, and from that day I stopped drinking.

“I have always wanted to have my own wedding business, but the competition was very high out there so I had to think of something different that would attract people and I did. My father had left me some money, so I went ahead and started my business. I am 50 this year and most people do this in their 20’s but age is a number, stopping drinking has changed my life, and now this is the beginning of my life and future for me and my son.”