Venture fund eyes up growing city companies

The Citizen is at the heart of the community
The Citizen is at the heart of the community

A MAJOR private equity company is knocking on doors of potential growth firms in Milton Keynes.

Gresham Private Equity has used Companies House information to review the performance of companies in the city and believes there is a ‘large base of attractive companies in our range’.

Gresham partner Mike O’Brien said 18 firms out of 50 that appeared in that range in the last three years were classified as ‘interesting’.

Gresham’s interest in Milton Keynes as one of the country’s leading engines of growth may even lead to the company setting up a small base here, Mr O’Brien said.

He intends to set up meetings with company directors in the next few months.

“Private equity can transform businesses to the next level,” Mr O’Brien said. “But it’s not the answer for everyone. Some businesses are happy to just plod along.”

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