Video: Dons chairman Pete Winkelman says he was “naive” when he started his football project

Students from a Milton Keynes school were told to treat others as they would expect to be treated themselves as they followed their dreams.

MK Dons chairman Pete Winkelman was giving his business tips to six entrepreneurs from The Hazeley Academy at a meeting about encouraging young entrepreneurs at The Open University Business School.

Pete Winkelman and  Open University Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean

Pete Winkelman and Open University Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean

Mr Winkelman admitted he was “naive” about football when he had the spark of an idea of starting a club in the new city.

He said he hadn’t been aware of the opposition to taking a club franchise and “if I had known that, maybe I wouldn’t have started.”

But he said his business success in the music industry and now in creating a shopping and leisure destination in West Bletchley had not been done alone.

He advised the young students that he hadn’t done it all himself and that they should treat other people kindly because “you will always meet them again in the future.”

Mr Winkelman also advised young entrepreneurs that they should “chase success, not money” because money would always follow success.