Video: ‘Princess Diana’ cause gets mayor-to-be’s backing

Incoming Milton Keynes mayor Brian White has chosen two charities to support this year - and one of them is a cause championed by the late Princess Diana.

Councillor Brian White will be helping to fundraise for the Cluster Munitions Coalition, which includes an anti landmines campaign. The much-loved Royal decked out in anti-blast kit for the HALO Trust.

Mr White will also be supporting Stony Stratford-based Ted’s Gang, which raises funds for research into Shwachman Diamond Syndrome (SDS), an inherited condition that affects digestion, growth, immunity, bone marrow, teeth, skeletal development and a few other things besides.

The mayor-to-be said he’d chosen to support the Cluster Munitions Coalition because Milton Keynes is an international city and the cause is an international one.

He said: “One hundred and 22 different languages are spoken in Milton Keynes. It’s about saying to those people who are a part of that community that you can make a difference.” Milton Keynes is also home to international causes, including Advantage Africa, in Olney, and World Vision.

There is also a link to Armed Forces Day and the brave soldiers of the bomb disposal units, which the mayor, although “not a militarist” wanted to highlight.

Speaking at an event at Milton Keynes College yesterday (Thursday), Nick Isles, deputy principal of the college, said the Chaffron Way learning hub had 10,000 students on its books. “These include many students from the countries affected by cluster munitions and landmines,” he said.