Virtualisation hopes ‘falling short of IT benefit expectations’

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VIRTUALISATION – where multiple IT systems are run on a single piece of hardware – is proving to be more a dream than reality for firms in Milton Keynes.

IT specialists Lynx Networks, in Clarke Road, Bletchley, surveyed IT contacts in 160 companies during the month of May and found only a minority were getting the expected performance improvements from virtualisation.

Lynx MD Alan Bullen, pictured, said: “We asked respondents what they thought were the most important benefits of using virtualisation in their organisations. Greater flexibility was considered the most important factor closely followed by reduced costs – largely energy savings – and improved performance.

“However, only 29 per cent of implementations, which were not installed by our company, delivered the expected performance improvements.

“I think the cause of this disappointment could be due to bottlenecks in the system designs these organisations have adopted – although we can’t be sure without investigating each site.”

Almost 95 per cent of organisations that responded employed more than 10 employees; 77 per admitted that they did not have a high level of virtualisation expertise in house, while 70 per were already using virtual systems and a further 23 per cent planned to adopt it within a year.

The majority of those who had already adopted virtual systems had found the installation process straightforward.

Lynx Networks has 23 years’ experience in PC networking and computer services. It has a team of more than 30 in-house technicians are trained and qualified to deliver.

From offices in Milton Keynes and Portsmouth, Lynx Networks provide IT networking services to customers in the UK and Europe.