Winning gold is very ice indeed!

P&MM's Ice and Easy campaign won a gold award
P&MM's Ice and Easy campaign won a gold award
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A MILTON Keynes company has won a national award for motivating British Gas employees.

P&MM which is based in Rockingham Drive, Linford Wood, was asked to create an eight-month campaign recognising and rewarding staff for top performance in their respective roles.

The Ice and Easy campaign involved giving reward points for reaching sales, performance and customer service targets. The rewards included a trip to Iceland and experience days.

On November 26 the campaign culminated with the winning of a Gold award for best incentive/motivation (international) at the Eventia Awards, for professionally managed, produced and executed events.

Eventia is recognised as the official trade body of the events and live marketing industry.

Nigel Cooper, executive director of the events and communications division of P&MM, said: “We’re delighted to have made a tangible difference for one of this country’s leading employers.

“The results of this campaign are testament to the creativity of our events and communications team who have specialised in the most advanced and meaningful strategies to engage employees.

“The success of this campaign marks a trend we have noticed in the return of employers offering high value incentives to staff.

“Employers have realised such campaigns are self-financing and make a direct impact to job satisfaction, retention and above all, improved performance.”

P&MM, creates motivation and recognition programmes for thousands of employees at Europe’s largest companies.

The British Gas campaign was praised for its sophisticated use of all-round communication tools and technology to engage staff on every level while comprising such elements as online ‘reward points’ and quarterly regional league competitions.

The result of the incentive was the highest ever employee engagement score for British Gas Business, an increase from 64 per cent in 2008 to 74 per and the second highest across all of British Gas.

The campaign engaged more than 1400 British Gas employees and 576 individuals received a reward. 64 monthly prizes were awarded, while 79 people qualified for the star trip to Iceland.

P&MM’s work has been recognised by more than 100 industry awards in the last 10 years.