Busy commuter trains will have fewer carriages

Milton Keynes Central station
Milton Keynes Central station

Already busy commuter trains between Milton Keynes and London Euston will be even more jam-packed during August as London Midland plans to run fewer carriages.

The train company says it needs the carriages for driver training from August 5 until August 23.

A statement on the London Midland website said: “During August, we are undertaking some additional driver training, which means a number of services will need to run with fewer carriages than usual.

“Although our peak trains are quieter during August, we apologise if your journey is less comfortable.”

Two early morning weekday commuter trains from Milton Keynes Central will be affected and three leaving the capital in the other direction after 4pm will also run with fewer carriages.

The full list of affected trains is as follows:

Towards London Euston

0554 Milton Keynes to Euston

0648 Milton Keynes to Euston

0804 Tring to Euston

0901 Tring to Euston

0956 Tring to Euston

1247 Milton Keynes to Euston

1655 Tring to Euston

1747 Milton Keynes to Euston

From London Euston

0704 Euston to Tring

0805 Euston to Tring

0904 Euston to Tring

1124 Euston to Milton Keynes

1624 Euston to Milton Keynes

1634 Euston to Tring

1821 Euston to Milton Keynes

1852 Euston to Milton Keynes