Buy one meal a day for just 75p

Hope Outreach helps children in Sri Lanka
Hope Outreach helps children in Sri Lanka

A CHRISTMAS plea to help feed hungry people in Sri Lanka has been made by city-based charity Hope Outreach UK.

Run by Sovereign Medical Centre GP Dr Sam Muthuveloe, the charity’s New Year’s resolution is to re-open much-needed feeding centres in deprived areas.

The tsunami and the civil war left thousands of people without homes, food or jobs and many are still suffering now, said Dr Sam.

Hope Outreach, which runs two successful orphanages in the north of Sri Lanka, also sponsored feeding centres attached to churches to ensure hundreds of people had at least one nutritious meal a day.

But towards the end of the civil war the churches were “wantonly damaged” and the centres forced to close, said Dr Sam.

“We are seeking to reconstruct the churches, restore our feeding centres and heal the painful memories, for the community,” he said.

“Many a helpless child and elderly frail person is without food and shelter. Malnutrition is high, diet is poor and sickness is rampant.”

Less than 75p a day can buy a meal consisting of a plate of rice, two spoonfuls of lentils, one spoonful of spicy coconut sambol, a small portion of fish or an egg and, if available, added vegetables.

“This makes a balanced meal. For many it is the only food of the day,” said Dr Sam.

He is urging people to help re-open the feeding centres by sending a donation to his charity.

Cheques can be sent to Hope Outreach via the Sovereign Medical Centre or to 21, Lower Stonehayes, Great Linford, MK12 5ES,

For more details see the charity’s website on