Calendar to show the best of MK

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A NEW calendar showing Milton Keynes at its best has been launched

It has been created by MK Cows in partnership with photographer Chris Smith. MK Cows produces souvenirs including Mini Concrete Cows, mugs, cufflinks and postcards designed as MK currency.

The calendar includes 66 stunning photographs of iconic sites including the Peace Pagoda, stadium:mk, Bletchley Park and the famous Concrete Cows.

Mark Cain, owner of MK Cows, said: “I have wanted to create a good quality MK Calendar for a number of years and this has been the year to make it happen. The end result is fantastic and the people I have seen look through the calendar have really enjoyed the range and quality of photographs.”

You can buy the calendar from MK Museum, the Church of Christ the Cornerstone, Waterstone’s or online. The first 15 to register on, will be sent a free copy.