Call for crossing before a ‘child is injured’

Sam Crooks at site for proposed crossing H7 Broughton'''Wk 21 MPMC
Sam Crooks at site for proposed crossing H7 Broughton'''Wk 21 MPMC
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A BUSY street in Broughton is in desperate need of a pedestrian crossing, according to a councillor.

Sam Crooks, who represents the Middleton ward, is concerned that it is only a matter of time before a child trying to cross H7 Chaffron Way between Kingston and the new developments in Broughton gets injured.

The road is surrounded by houses, but also has two bus lanes, one on either side of the road, making it a four-lane highway to cross.

And, with the road being a key route to the Kingston shopping centre, Mr Crooks believes a pedestrian crossing is essential to prevent any accidents happening in the future.

He said: “There are a lot of young families in the area that have to cross that road, and there are four lanes of traffic that they have to encounter before getting to the other side.

“So it is clear to see that the road would benefit from a pedestrian crossing.

“And it wouldn’t necessarily have to be a set of traffic lights. It is an accident waiting to happen, so I really do hope that a crossing can be installed sooner rather than later.”

A council spokesman said: We have been having positive talks with the school governors, developers and HCA in the area to discuss putting a footpath along the A5130 so pedestrians need not have to cross the road at that point.

“We are due to have a meeting this week to see how this issue can be progressed further.”

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