Call for dedicated dog walkies area

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A group of dog owners are campaigning for a dedicated dog walking area where pets can be let safely off the lead.

Colleen Edwards and her fellow walkers wrote to the Parks Trust to ask if an area of land could be securely fenced off in any of the city parks.

But the trust replied that it had “no plans” to provide such a facility.

Said Colleen, who is campaigning with her daughter Briony, said: “A separate area would benefit everyone. There would be fewer instances of fouling on pathways, fewer lost dogs, and it would allow people to enjoy open spaces without having to watch for dogs.”

She said experts advise dogs should run freely off the lead to keep them exercised and stimulated. But she accepts this can be a problem in areas where children play and families picnic.

Now the Edwards are is urging like-minded dog owners to write to the Parks Trust.

A Parks Trust spokesman confirmed there were no plans for an off lead area, but offered to meet the campaign leaders to discuss the idea.

Dog owners can support the campaign by finding the ‘Milton Keynes Dog Offlead Fenced Area’ page on Facebook.