Call for rescue of tethered horses

Horses tethered on the side of Watling Street, Kiln Farm
Horses tethered on the side of Watling Street, Kiln Farm

THE owners of forlorn-looking horses left tethered alongside a busy grid road could face a cruelty investigation by the RSPCA.

For months animal lovers have been upset to see a brown and white pony tied to a post in all weathers on the verge of the old A5 near Kiln Farm.

This week the pony was joined by three more, two also brown and white and one bay.

They have no food, no shelter, no blankets and are left there day and night, say passers-by.

One woman reported the plight of the orginal pony to the RSPCA.

“It flinches when a noisy vehicle passes. It stands still with its head hanging low, looking miserable,” she said.

“It has been seen in the middle of the fresszing cold, icy winter without any blanket cover or tree cover.”

Tethering ponies causes dozens of equine injuries each year, say the RSPCA.

But the use of a tether is not against the law providing it is only for short periods and the horse has shelter, space to run free and interact with other

This week an RSPCA spokesman said: “We will investigate the welfare of the horses tethered near Kiln Farm.”