Call for urgent action at ‘suicide prison’

Woodhill Prison
Woodhill Prison

The tragic spate of deaths at Woodhill prison is “simply unacceptable”, said the Howard League for Penal Reform this week.

The outburst was prompted by the death of 31-year-old Thomas Morris, who was found hanged in his cell last week. This is the sixth suspected suicide at the jail in the past seven months.

Thomas’s father Ralph, who lives at Emberton, had previously written to the prison expressing concern about his son’s fragile mental state.

Now the Howard League’s director Andrew Neilson has called for urgent action to be protect other inmates.

“People are entitled to know what steps will be takento ensure the prison is safe. It’s time we heard how those running the place will respond to this tragic run of deaths,” he said,

He added: “This spate of is simply unacceptable.”

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