‘Call me the Delia Smith of design’

Christopher Stovold
Christopher Stovold

A PERVERT who abused a 13-year-old girl described himself as having ‘tranny tendencies’ on a UK talent website.

Last week, Christopher Stovold pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual assault on the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

And this newspaper can reveal how the 60-year-old had always wanted to be a star.

He created a profile on the starnow website 10 years ago, calling himself an ‘actor’ from London.

Stovold, whose victim comes from Milton Keynes, described himself as ‘an interior designer with tranny tendencies – purple hair (currently), earrings, heels, make-up – but discreetly, not drag style thank you’.

Other pictures obtained by this newspaper show Stovold wearing knee-high boots, jewellery and make-up.

On the starnow site, which calls itself the ‘UK’s No.1 talent website,’ he pitches an idea for a show in which he would ‘make a series showing people how, where and why to start in designing their living space’ – calling himself the ‘Delia Smith of design’.

Under a section chronicling previous acting experience, he wrote: ‘Daily, as an interior designer, in front of my clients!!’

He also bragged about how he had written articles for local papers close to where he lived in Watford and a book on interior design.

Stovold’s profile has since been removed from the site.

Last week the mother of the victim told the Citizen how Stovold “had always wanted to be famous”.

He appeared at Aylesbury Crown Court last Wednesday to plead guilty to two charges of indecent assault and one count of indecency with a child.

The offences took place in Milton Keynes when the victim, now 17, was only 13 years old.

Among other things Stovold had kissed the girl by inserting his tongue into her mouth.

He is due to appear before the same court for sentencing in June.

He will also be forced to sign the Sex Offenders Register.