Call to Xplain CMK tree cutting

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City campaign group Xplain is calling on the council to reverse its decision to allow two protected oak trees in Central Milton Keynes to be cut down.

Milton Keynes Council has given permission for the trees, which have Tree Protection Orders, to be cut down due to a subsidence claim from a nearby property in North 13th Street.

Xplain leader Linda Inoki has raised the issue with council leader Andrew Geary and claims the trees could not be the cause of subsidence in the flats.

She said: “I used to live in this development, very near these oak trees, and a few years after completion cracks began to appear which were proven to be due to inadequate foundations.

“Having discussed this current issue with several experienced people, including tree experts, surveyors and architects, we are all reaching the view that there is probably insufficient evidence to condemn these trees as the cause of subsidence.

“Furthermore, even if such evidence were to be forthcoming, removing the trees is only likely to create a fresh problem, namely ground heave.”