Calls for government to end firefighters dispute


Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Milton Keynes South, Andrew Pakes, has called on ministers to resolve the long-standing dispute with firefighters ahead of another round of strikes this weekend.

There will be periods of industrial action every day from Saturday, August 9 to Saturday August, 16 as the row with government over pensions rumbles on.

Mr Pakes said: “Fire fighters are amongst the most trusted professions in the country and really show off the best of public service in action.

“It is incredible that the new Minister has cancelled last minute talks with fire representatives to avoid further action.

“The government should drop the tough guy rhetoric and get back around the table to negotiate a solution to this long-running dispute.

“Our fire fighters are there to serve the public and deserve better from our government.”

Fire fighters are worried that older staff will be less able to tackle major fires, but the government wants to extend the retirement age from 55 to 60 years old despite serious concerns about the safety implications of such a move.

The FBU says it fears many members could fail the fitness tests required to remain on active duty in their late 50s, and therefore have to leave the service, and losing out on some of their pension entitlement dispute many years of service.

Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service says emergency calls where lives are at risk will be prioritised.

They will also continue to provide as much information as possible to help people avoid having a fire or other emergency.

The information is designed to help you stay safe during strike periods, and at all other times too.