Calypso coming to city Ember pubs

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Guests to city Ember pubs such as the Nut & Squirrel and Ship Ashore, will have the chance to experience a one-of-a-kind ale this summer, as part of their Guest Ale Programme.

Brewed by Itchen Valley exclusively for Ember pubs, Calypso is named after the powerful American hop it is made from, which is a brand new hop to the UK, making the ale truly unique. The ideal thirst-quencher for a British summer’s day, Calypso unusually uses just one hop to make a refreshing crisp pale ale, which has hints of juicy pear and apple.

Elzan Seraj, manager of Nut & Squirrel, said: “Our guests are always looking for the latest ales and newest flavours, which is why Calypso is a great addition to our ale programme. The fact that it uses a brand new hop to the UK will really excite our guests, as the taste will be completely unique. We’re delighted to be able to offer this ale throughout the summer and would urge anyone looking for a new ale experience to pay us a visit!”

Richard Robinson, director of Itchen Brewery, said: “It’s relatively unusual to use just one hop in a beer as these days you often see a variety in one ale. However, when you have a truly excellent hop, such as Calypso, it’s great to show it off on its own and let people enjoy its great taste.

“Brewing Calypso was extremely exciting as we can never predict how a new hop will taste and what kind of ale it will produce. We’re really proud of Calypso and hope guests to Ember pubs in Milton Keynes will enjoy it just as much as we have.”

Calypso, 4.1 per cent, is an American pale ale with a powerful aroma and bitter taste with hints of pear and apple. It is the first of four unique ales brewed by Itchen Valley, each using a brand new hop from across Europe, America and New Zealand.

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