Camera keeps rolling despite calls for chop

Richard Brierley
Richard Brierley

A vulnerable man who installed CCTV for security around his home was told he was being ‘anti-social’ by the council.

Brian Brierley, of Stoke Goldington, was visited by a housing officer on Thursday and told he must remove the 
cameras within the next five days.

The 67-year-old said: “I am a very nervous person at the best of times so I worry about who is coming to the door.

“Also my family pop in to care for me when they can, and if I don’t answer my phone they will check to see if I’m OK by looking at the cameras.”

But his feuding neighbours have complained the cameras point into their houses.

Since being contacted by the Citizen, the council have apologised for the misunderstanding and say he is free to keep the CCTV.

A spokesman said: “We met with him to give him advice about how to set up the cameras to only film the area within the confines of his own property and make sure he does not inadvertently breach any legislation.”