Cameras catch two fly tippers

Civic Offices
Civic Offices

TWO people have been fined thousands of pounds for illegally dumping rubbish outside Kingston District Centre.

Christopher Lunn of Kents Hill, and Linda Bonsu of Monkston were each found guilty at Milton Keynes Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Lunn, 31, was fined £1,100 and ordered to pay the council’s legal costs of £1,012.06.

Magistrates heard that in May 2010, Milton Keynes Council installed CCTV cameras at Kingston in response to an increasing issue with household waste being dumped in front of the recycling banks.

On the evening of May 24 last year, the camera captured images of a blue Volkswagen Scirocco pulling up to the recycling banks.

The driver was seen to get out of the vehicle and deposit waste to the side of the recycling banks without attempting to use the facility correctly.

Enforcement officers carried out an investigation and their enquiries led them to Lunn.

Despite repeated attempts to speak to him about the matter, Lunn failed to cooperate with the investigation.

The court also heard of a separate incident involving 27-year-old Bonsu on the same May 24 evening.

She pleading guilty to one offence of illegally depositing controlled waste or knowingly causing or knowingly permitting controlled waste to be dumped on land where no waste management licence is in place.

CCTV showed a woman getting out of the driver’s seat and placing a large refuse sack against one of the recycling banks, making no effort to dispose of the waste correctly.

Magistrates fined her £1,000 and ordered her to pay the council’s legal costs of £1,462.04.