Campaign to prevent number of ‘grime fires’

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More than 20,000 people in Milton Keynes have experienced a ‘grime fire’ in their kitchen, according to research released by the Electrical Safety Council (ESC).

These types of fires are created by dirty or messy kitchens and can be caused by the ignition of excess fat in cooking appliances, clutter stored by heat sources catching fire, or by dirt, dust and crumbs blocking ventilation and causing products to overheat.

Yet despite this concern, the figures released by the ESC ahead of Electrical Fire Safety Week suggest that just two in five people in Milton Keynes know when they last cleaned their oven or behind their fridge.

And just as worryingly, one in 20 admit to regularly blocking vents with objects, and one in seven even confess to leaving flammable items next to heat sources, while three per cent have experienced a serious burn because of dirt and grime in their kitchens.

The ESC is working with TV cleaning expert Maggie Mackenzie to deal with these issues and she said: “I’ve seen so many grotesque kitchens while filming How Clean is Your House? But this campaign shows that it’s not just the obvious clutter and dirt we should be concerned about.

“It’s also vital that we all take the time to clean inside and around appliances in our kitchen. Over and above being a bad habit, unclean kitchens can actually cause dangerous grime fires.”