Campaigners call for all children to have access to swimming lessons in Milton Keynes

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A community campaigner is calling for all six primary schools in the Loughton and Shenley area to have the opportunity to learn how to swim.

David Prendergast has joined with the area’s local councillor Zoe Nolan for discussions with Stantonbury Leisure Centre about offering more swimming to under 11 year olds.

It’s after the latest figures from the Amateur Swimming Association show that nearly half of all children (45%) aged 7 to 11 were not able to swim 25 metres.

Mr Prendergast said “I want all children in the Loughton and Shenley area to have swimming lessons.

“I want to ensure that disabled young people also have the same choice.”

He added: “Our local pool was closed down, sold off and is now a supermarket despite opposition from the community. Action is needed now to offer children access to swimming.”

Councillor Zoe Nolan has backed Mr Prendergast’s call for action.

She said: “I would be willing to help persuade all six local primary schools of the merits of organising swimming lessons at Stantonbury or at Wolverton pools.

“The disabled facility at Stantonbury is a positive option for some young disabled people learning to swim.

“Teaching young people to swim is part of becoming safe in life. It is also about building confidence and promoting enjoyment.”

Mr Prendergast added: “I am pleased to work with my local councillors to try and put in place swimming for all young people.

“I would be especially pleased if we could deliver such a service, through the schools, for young disabled people who should have the same opportunities as other young people.”