Campaigners celebrate after hitting homes plan into bunker

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NEW homes will not be built on Windmill Hill Golf Course.

The decision was made last week after an extensive public inquiry and a campaign against the developments which lasted 18 months.

Milton Keynes Council had originally rejected a planning proposal which would have seen 89 homes built on part of the golf course site in Bletchley.

Developers Golf Course Management appealed in September last year, but the ruling was upheld last week at a public meeting held in West Bletchley,

The decision has been heralded as a ‘major victory’ for residents by councillor for the Whaddon ward Elaine Wales, who is one of many West Bletchley councillors who have fought the plans over the last 18 months.

She said: “We have fought the planning proposal to build on this lovely open space for over 18 months.

“I believe the case against building on the golf course was very strong and I am delighted that we have beaten them.”

The developer had sent an expensive barrister along with other support to the hearing to try and get the decision overturned.

However, arguments against the proposals were put forward by residents, Milton Keynes Council representatives, Councillor Nigel Long, who represents the Denbigh ward, and Ms Wales who gave evidence to the public hearing.

Mr Long said: “I would like to thank the many residents who fought the developer.

“I would like to thank the parish council and Milton Keynes Council for making such a professional case against the development.”