Campaigners head to national anti-Trident demonstration


More than 120 people heard the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament leader call for Trident nuclear missiles to be scrapped.

Doctor Kate Hudson told the meeting at Stantonbury Theatre on Tuesday that she did not want it renewed for another 40 years.

The event was organised by MK Momentum which supports Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

It was chaired by local peace activist Marcus Armstrong. It followed an overwhelming vote last week by MK Constituency Labour Party against renewing Trident.

Dr Hudson said: “The coming parliamentary vote whether to renew Trident is a golden opportunity for Britain to join the 190 countries which don’t have, want or need nuclear weapons.

“And how can we afford the spiralling cost of Trident when austerity is cutting public services like the NHS and condemning many to lives of poverty and insecurity?”

“There has never been such widespread opposition to Trident, and the arguments for it--jobs, Britain’s global status and nuclear deterrence--just don’t stack up”.

Chris Coppock of MK Momentum said: “This was an inspiring meeting with a great turn-out. Deep-down, most people believe we’re safer and better off without nuclear weapons”.

A group from Milton Keynes will join the national anti-Trident demonstration in London on Saturday.