Campaigners to hold rally against Trident nuclear weapons


Campaigners in Milton Keynes are urging young people to join a mass meeting against renewing Trident nuclear weapons.

A rally will be held at Stantonbury Theatre on Tuesday, February 23 at 7.30pm.

Speakers include Josh Chown, Secretary of Youth & Students CND, CND General Secretary Dr Kate Hudson, and local peace activists.

Similar events will occur across the UK, leading up to the national anti-Trident demonstration on Saturday, February 27.

Josh Chown said: “Young people have a right to be informed and to have a say.

“As courses close and student grants are cut, how can we spend billions on weapons of mass-destruction? J”oin us to say Books Not Bombs!””

Chris Coppock added: “MPs will soon vote whether to renew Trident for another forty years. This historic decision will affect everyone on earth.

“Britain and 190 states have pledged to scrap nuclear weapons, so the world is watching.

“Renewing Trident could unleash a global arms race, whilst rowing back would persuade other countries they don’t need these terrible weapons.”

Seats are free but should be booked at