Campaigners to protest at Milton Keynes laboratory over cruelty to dogs and cats


Animal rights campaigners are to protest outside a Milton Keynes laboratory which is at the centre of a government probe into cruelty to dogs and cats.

Up to 100 people supporting the Anti-Vivisection Coalition (AVC) – an international organisation involved in the protection of animals in laboratories – are to demonstrate at the MSD laboratory in Walton, on Friday. The laboratory was exposed earlier this month for performing shocking experiments on dogs and cats.

Footage taken inside the facility shows puppies howling as they are slaughtered, kittens being killed before dumped in bins resulting in an ongoing Home Office investigation.

AVC is calling for the government to adopt its charter to abolish animal experiments which includes an immediate ban on the use of dogs and cats in tests. Members will stage a visual protest at MSD, donning red boiler suits and holding banners.

Sophie Kennerley, director of communications, said: “The sickening investigation at MSD in Milton Keynes revealed puppies howling out as they were killed and kittens suffering in experiments. This is a chilling reminder of how laboratory animals are treated as mere objects.”

She added: “AVC demand the government adopts our charter for the abolition of animal experiments and stops tests on dogs and cats immediately. MSD also has a responsibility to listen to the public outrage and release these animals for rehoming.”

AVC represents the interests of animals in laboratories through peaceful protests, education, legislative change and strategic campaigns.

The demonstration will take place from 1pm.