Campbell Centre inpatient was found dead in seclusion room, inquest hears

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A PATHOLOGIST who performed a postmortem on an inpatient who died in the Campbell Centre said she died of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Helen Wills, 45, was found dead shortly before 7am on May 22 in a seclusion room in the centre just hours after being moved from a de-escalation room.

The inquest heard how at 2.30am Miss Wills tried to leave her room in the centre by smashing through a fire door with a fire extinguisher. She was described as chaotic and violent, but the team managed to get her into the seclusion room around 3.30am.

Just before 4am she fell asleep while on a Level 3 observation where she was described as being constantly in sight.

She was heard to be on her back ‘snoring loudly’ by nurses but around 7am was found to be not breathing.

Detective Sergeant Neil Robinson, of Thames Valley Police, gave evidence at the first day of the two day inquest at the Civic Offices today and told the jury how he was satisfied no suspicious circumstances surrounded the death.

Mr Robinson said he had some initial concerns regarding the staff accounts and how details on Miss Wills’ condition had been recorded.

However, after speaking to the ward manager and members of staff face to face his fears were allayed. He also took time to learn more about the centre’s procedures and was satisfied the sequence was correct and the staff had done what was required.

On May 29, the postmortem was carried out by Dr Nicholas Hunt who found no sign of injury to the face, neck and head of Miss Wills. He also recorded that no restraints had been used on the ankles or wrists.

Miss Wills’ heart was found to be slightly larger than average but there was no sign of any diseases in the body.

Dr Farouk Okhai told the inquest the room Helen had been placed in, the seclusion room, had a mattress, sheet and pillow in it. They heard how the room is left to a minimum to save patients from causing further harm to themselves.

The inquest is set to conclude tomorrow.