Camphill comes up trumps with old tool project

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Piles of rusty old tools donated to the Camphill Community will help build better lives for poverty-stricken people in Sri Lanka.

The tools have all been cleaned, repaired and made good as new by members of the Pennyland community, who have a range of learning difficulties

This week mayor Keith McLean visited to see a box of 548 gleaming items handed over to city-based charity Hope Outreach UK.

The charity, run by Pennyland GP Dr Sam Muthuveloe, helps victims of the civil war and tsunami in northern Sri Lanka.

Dr Sam said: “It is amazing how the Camphill residents have managed to transform these old, unwanted tools under their Tools for Self-reliance project. They have done a wonderful job.”

He plans to open tool libraries in Sri Lanka to help people build better houses, learn vocational skills and find employment.

To donate tools on the Camphill project call 01908 670825.