Can you give a hen a home for Christmas?

Happy hens
Happy hens

Forget ‘five gold rings’ or ‘four calling birds –could you give a home to some ex-­battery hens this Christmas?

Hundreds of hens in Milton Keynes are soon to be given a second chance in life thanks to hen welfare charity, the British Hen Welfare Trust.

The hens, which would otherwise go to slaughter at the end of their commercial lives, will hopefully be re­homed on November 28 by kind-hearted members of the public and go on to enjoy a festive free range retirement.

Local co-ordinators, Janice Spokes and Sonia Hough, said: “What could be nicer than to embrace the spirit of Christmas by welcoming a few new members into the family fold?

“Ex-bat hens make gorgeous, endearing, funny pets and will usually lay an egg in return for good hospitality.

“Just think you could soon be enjoying free-range eggnog with family and friends using fresh-laid eggs.”

To offer hens a home, call Hen Central on 01884 860084.