Can you shed light on ghostly graveyard orb?

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A mysterious orb of light and a stinging nettle that gives out puffs of smoke have caused spooky speculation in alocalchurchyard.

Both phenenomenons happened around the grave of a young teenager who killed himself in 1919.

And both were witnessed by pensioners Gordon and Jill Sharp, who discovered the neglected grave buried under piles of rubbish at Tyringham.

“We often go to the churchyard and always sit on a particular bench that looks out over the fields watching the wildlife. It’s one of our favourite places,” said 72-year-old Jill.

The bench is next to a hedge surrounded by dumped rubbish and overgrown with stinging nettles.

“One day we noticed this big stinging nettle kept giving out tiny puffs of smoke. People didn’t believe us when we told them, but my daughter came with us to check and she saw it too,” said Jill.

When the Sharps got close to the puffing nettle, they noticed part of an old headstone poking out of the overgrowth.

They promptly cleared the weeds and removed years’ worth of debris to discover the grave of a 16-year-old boy.

Stuart Balfour McNaughton killed himself in 1919 with his father’s shotgun.

Jill and Gordon researched old records and press reports to discover the lad had lived in nearby Filgrave rectory and was upset because his former Eton pupil father had been bullying him.

Said Jill: “In those days people who committed suicide were buried away from other graves. It could have been hidden for years and years.”

She and Gordon cleaned up the stone surround and planted the plot with flowers.

This month Gordon took a photo of Jill sitting proudly by the transformed grave. But when it was developed, the couple could not believe their eyes.

“There’s this big glowing orb of light right next to my head. We think it’s Stuart saying thank you to us,” said Jill.

She and Gordon are convinced the smoke-puffing nettle represented the smoking gun to lead them to the grave.

“It’s probably one of those things that can never be explained. But we’re glad it happened and that Stuart’s grave is being being looked after,” said Jill.