CANCELLED: Great Linford Waterside Festival won’t return in 2015

Great Linford Waterside Festival
Great Linford Waterside Festival

A once-popular village festival run by volunteers will no longer continue because of “dwindling” support for the event.

Organisers of the Great Linford Waterside Festival have announced they are bowing out this year after many years of success.

They say the free three-day event was an “increasingly heavy organisational burden” to ensure it is safe for all to enjoy.

Deborah Cooper, chairman of trustees, said: “The festival has been run by a voluntary committee and nearly all the work is carried out by a very small group of volunteers.

“However, in the last few years, fewer and fewer volunteers have come forward to help run it and the massive support needed over the weekend itself has dwindled.

“The trustees of the organisation have agreed that despite the success of the event, and the evident enjoyment of those who attend, they are not able to run it any longer.”

The festival, which took place in the park during June, has provided a free community-focused event for local families, and many artists have had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, while charities have been able to reach a wide audience.

The trustees say they are now considering what the next steps will be, and updates will be publicised through the festival website and Facebook.

The organisers thanked all those who supported the festival over many years.

For more information please contact Deborah Cooper, Chair of trustees,