Cancer centre offers one-stop private service

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A new one-stop cancer centre opened in a city business park is offering new hope to hundreds of patients – providing they can pay for it.

The Linford Wood centre will use cutting edge techniques and new drugs that have not yet even been licensed in the UK, it was revealed this week.

It offers diagnostic tests, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy all under one roof and at times convenient to the patient. Owners Cancer Partners UK, who plan to work in partnership with the NHS, have stressed they are not criticising non-private treatments, which currently involve city residents travelling 20 miles away for daily radiotherapy.

The centre offers same day appointments, swift diagnosis and a “more advanced” approach to treatment – including radiotherapy with few side effects.

“If there is a drug used successfully in other countries but not yet licensed here, then our doctors will prescribe it if they believe it will help,” said Cancer Partners spokesman Beth Rankine.