Cancer sufferer cut out from work lottery win

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Members of a lottery syndicate are refusing to pay one of their colleagues a share of their winnings because he fell behind with his payments – while he was signed off work with bladder cancer.

Father of two Alan Hiseman is now recovering from surgery to remove a tumour after being diagnosed with cancer in the summer.

But the 39-year-old has been left stunned by his workmates’ refusal to pay him a share of the money, thought to be around £20,000, because he fell £19 behind with his weekly payments.

Mr Hiseman is due to return to work at Romec early next year. But he says he has been left devastated by the attitude of his colleagues.

“I’m really, really upset that they could do this to me,” he said. “When I went in to work to pay the money I owed I was told they had a win, but I was no longer part of the syndicate. I couldn’t believe it.

“I left work and then my car blew up. The head gasket has gone and it’s going to cost us hundreds of pounds.

“I was already behind with some bills because it’s been a difficult few months, and my father-in-law is terminally ill.

“They know all this but it doesn’t make a difference. They know where I live but they never phoned to see how I was doing or mentioned that the lottery was a problem.”

Without Mr Hiseman, it is thought there were seven members of the syndicate, each winning around £2,850.

Divided by eight, the group would have taken home about £2,500 each.

The members of the syndicate sent a statement to the Citizen saying: ”Alan has not paid into the syndicate since 1st of June 2013 play, this was the final week of the May payments. At the time of the syndicate win he was 18 weeks in arrears and was owing £19.

“Alan was in work for 26 consecutive days from the 3rd of June, this taking him into July payments being due also, so therefore had ample time to pay his monies due before becoming ill. Alan had been asked a number of times via text and voicemail to pay his monies due.

“Alan also signed a syndicate agreement stating that non payment of monies will mean expulsion from the syndicate.

“There was no attempt by Alan to pay monies owed until he found out the syndicate had won an amount.

“This was also the time we were informed that he has changed his number so he had not received any messages.”

A spokesman from the company’s head office said: “This winning lottery syndicate is a private agreement which has been drawn up by a group of Romec employees. The company is unable to comment.”