Cannabis link to fatal attack

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A FAMILY man was stabbed to death in his own back garden by a former work colleague who supplied him with cannabis, a court heard this week.

David Law, 33 was knifed nine times in the back by 32-year-old Suresh Nahar, who had worked with him at Buckingham Foods.

Father-of-one Mr Law, hygiene manager at the factory, was found in a pool of blood in the garden of his Walnut Tree home last September.

An off-duty policeman heard his cries for help and clambered over the fence in a bid to save him, the jury was told.

PC Stephen Green told how he saw Mr Law on his back and bleeding while an Asian male sat by him with his hands covered in blood and blood on his face.

While the police officer battled to save the victim’s life, the defendant “seemed more interested in finding his glasses,” said prosecutor Ann Evans.

Nahar, who lives on Gurnards Avenue, Fishermead, denies murder and told police he was acting in self-defence.

He had been dismissed from Buckingham Foods a few years earlier but rejoined the company on an agency basis, leaving several months before Mr Law’s death.

The court heard Mr Law, his close friend Paul Greeves and the defendant were all cannabis users.

Mr Law would buy cannabis from Nahar who, according to Mr Greeves, visited him at his house a couple of times, said Mrs Evans.

She described Mr Law as a “hard-working family man” whose sole vice appeared to be smoking cannabis.

She said police recovered two “nasty-looking” knives, both with Mr Law’s blood on the blade. One was found in Nahar’s pocket on arrest and the other was in the garden.

In Mr Law’s Litchfield Down house police found a rucksack apparently belonging to Nahar.

Said Mrs Evans: “There were some very curious items contained in there .... a balaclava, gloves, a club hammer, cling film, a knitting needle and some gaffer tape.

“Why was the defendant carrying round that assortment of items in early September?”

She added: “The crown suggests to you that evidence points away from self defence.”

> Trial continues.

The trial continues.