Car giant powers on with electric car plan

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CAR giants Nissan has confirmed it will have a dealer for its new electric car in the city.

An initial list released by the company showed that the nearest dealer for the new 100 per cent electric car, the Nissan Leaf, was in Oxford.

But when this newspaper asked why Milton Keynes had been left off the list the company said they did intend to appoint a dealer in the city in the future.

Milton Keynes Council has been heavily supportive of the electric vehicle revolution, with one city company – BT Openreach – among the first to trial electric vans.

And in the middle of December the council signed a deal with Chargemaster Plc, a company responsible for providing charging solutions.

The agreement, which will last three years, means Chargemaster will operate Milton Keynes’ electric vehicle scheme and manage the several hundred charging bays that will be installed.

This week a Nissan spokesman said: “We have currently selected 24 dealers in the UK for our EV program.

“Obviously, this is far from enough to meet our expected sales volume growth going forward.

“We intend to have a dealer in Milton Keynes in the future. Although we do not have a dealer in Milton Keynes at this time, this does not in any way impact our relationship with Milton Keynes or our plans to introduce the 100 per cent Electric Nissan LEAF to the area.”

Despite there not being a dealer in Milton Keynes yet, people wanting to buy the Nissan LEAF have been told they can do so at the nearest dealer – in Oxford

The spokesman said: “Until a dedicated Milton Keynes dealer is selected, customers can choose from dealers in surrounding cities, the closest of which is in Oxford. We plan to add more dealers in the UK including Milton Keynes.”

And people concerned with the cost of the cars have been assured that they will receive a £5,000 government subsidy on each electric car they buy.

Users can then get a special, electronic RFID tag from Chargemaster allowing them to access any of the charging stations which will be installed in key areas around the city and will include the shopping centre and the railway station.

A spokesman for Milton Keynes Council said: “We are still very excited about working closely with the Renault-Nissan alliance to bring more electric vehicles to Milton Keynes in the near future.”

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