Car was written off twice - by the SAME truck in Milton Keynes

A Volvo owner thinks he must be the unluckiest man in MK after his car was written off twice in seven weeks '“ by the SAME company's lorry.

Robert Dickson was horrified when a brewery delivery truck scraped the entire side of his car when it was parked outside his Bradwell Village home.

But when the the same delivery truck did exactly the same thing, in the identical place, less than two months later, Robert was simply lost for words.

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“I was still negotiating with the insurers over whether the car was written off. Then along comes the same lorry and causes even more damage,” he said.

“At least it made one thing clear: the car was now a total write off!”

Robert, 53, says the whole affair has left him £4,000 out of pocket.

He paid £6,100 for the Volvo V70 less than 10 months before the accident and had spent another £2,500 on a full overhaul.

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But last week, after the lorry’s insurers refused to budge, he accepted a write off settlement of £4,900 for the car.

“To say I’m unhappy about it would be an understatement,” he said.

Robert lives in Vicarage Road, a narrow street where wide vehicles often struggle to get past parked cars.

He says that Keuhne-Nagel, delivering beer to local pubs, should have been aware of the difficulties.

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A spokesman for Keuhne-Nagel said liability was accepted for both incidents, and a smaller vehicle is now used on that delivery round.

The first incident happened on February 24. Robert says the truck driver did not stop, but his CCTV camera recorded what had happened.

The second lot of damage happened on April 12. This time Robert watched it happen from his house and chased the truck driver down the road until he stopped.

The insurance settlement for the two incidents has caused Robert to be £4,000 out of pocket, he claims.

“I am sick to death of wrangling with insurance people,” he said.

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