Care chief slams nurses for ‘shaming profession’

Jan Flawn, owner of PJ Care
Jan Flawn, owner of PJ Care

A nurse of 33 years has condemned Milton Keynes Hospital for allegedly putting her profession to shame.

Jan Flawn has hit out at nurses on ward 16 for their “lack of care and compassion” for a friend who spent two weeks in hospital suffering from a severe infection.

Chrissie McDonnell

Chrissie McDonnell

Poorly 70-year-old Chrissie McDonnell claims she was forced to remove a bowl of sick from her bed FOUR hours after she had violently vomited.

“It was humiliating”, said Mrs McDonnell.

“The nurse was very cross with me for being sick. She just walked off, leaving the bowl lying there.

“When I couldn’t stand it any longer I took it out myself.”

Two weeks later, Mrs McDonnell was discharged and advised to rest.

Shocked by her friend’s deteriorating condition three days later, Mrs Flawn admitted her into Peterborough’s Eagle Wood care home, which she owns.

Shortly afterwards, Mrs McDonnell was admitted into Peterborough City Hospital with pneumonia and suspected septicaemia.

Mrs Flawn said: “There is no way she should have been discharged without antibiotics when her blood levels showed infection – she wasn’t even made an outpatient.

“What would have happened if she hadn’t had anyone looking out for her? I don’t even want to think about that.”

Mrs McDonnell has temporarily moved in with Mrs Flawn to re-cooperate. She remains under the care of Peterborough hospital while undergoing further tests.

Mrs Flawn, who is making a formal complaint to MK Hospital’s boss Joe Harrison and the Care Quality Commission, added: “The nurses should be ashamed of themselves.

“There is no excuse for their attitude or lack of care and compassion they have shown.”

A MK Hospital spokesman said: “We are unable to comment on individual cases, but if the lady would like to contact us, we will thoroughly investigate any concerns or complaints she has about her experience at the hospital.”