Cartoonist picks up her pen to support Charlie Hebdo victims

charlie hebdo
charlie hebdo

A French cartoonist living in Milton Keynes has shown her support for the victims of the Charlie Hebdo victims in Paris.

Delphine Wolfe, a watercolour and vector graphics illustrations, was inspired by last week’s killings, when two Islamist gunmenforced their way into the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and murdered 12 members of staff.

Delphine Wolfe cartoon

Delphine Wolfe cartoon

The killings were prompted by the magazine publishing cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammed, the founder of Islam.

Delphine, who lives in Furzton and originally from Normandy, said: “I was very shocked when I saw what had happened. As an illustrator I felt that no one should be killed for what they draw.

“I created my own cartoons to show my support.”

Since the murders #IAmCharlie has been a popular slogan across France and the rest of the world, including on social media.

And while Delphine said that she was not a regular reader of Charlie Hebdo she was a fan of the murdered cartoonist Jean Cabut from her childhood.

She added: “There have been bits I like about the newspaper and bits I don’t like.

“Some of the things they publish are a bit too obscene for me to agree wth - although they’ve also done drawings of the Pope and while I’m a Catholic that hasn’t stopped me enjoying other parts of the paper.

“I can totally understand that some people could feel offended by some of the drawings from Charlie Hebdo and personally there were more than one that I didn’t like. However the statement is in support of our expression of speech, not to abide by everything Charlie Hebdo has published.

“If some people feel offended by anything, they also have the right to express themselves about it but violence is not the answer.”