Cash confiscated after magistrates decided it probably came from drug deals

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A MAN has been ordered to pay back more than £13,000 after magistrates decided the cash had been made by supplying cannabis.

Thames Valley Police’s Economic Crime Team (ECU) brought the confiscation order against Paul Daly after money, drugs and mobile phones were found at his house during a raid.

The 27-year-old told the court that the cash was part of his share of a £50,000 lottery scratch card win, but magistrates concluded it was more likely to have come from supplying cannabis.

Daly, from Malvern Drive in Fullers Slade, appeared at Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court on November 15.

His appearance came after a warrant was executed at his home on April 13. During the search, a small quantity of cannabis was found along with drugs paraphernalia, four mobile phones, and £13,100, which was hidden in the airing cupboard.

The cash was seized under Section 295 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

On August 7, Daly was charged with possession of a class B drug. He appeared in court on August 30 and pleaded guilty, receiving a £75 fine.

The ECU Asset Recovery Team then began an investigation into where the cash had come from.

Analysis of one of the mobile phones seized was carried out and text messages received into the inbox indicated an involvement in the supply of drugs.

Daly attended last month’s hearing and claimed the cash came from his half share of a lottery scratch card win of £50,000 with a friend one year before.

He said his friend made cash withdrawals over a month from his bank account and paid him his share of the winnings.

But magistrates did not believe his explanation and concluded the cash seized was likely to have come from the proceeds of supplying cannabis. A forfeiture order was granted for £13,100, plus £100 costs to Thames Valley Police.